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What Surprises?

June 14th 2013:

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! <in my mind>

As I stared at Bobby on Facetime on MK's iPhone as he shared another FUCKED up news and MK aka mousette stared at me while smoking, wonder why her husband got mad.

Two months earlier:

Bobby sent me a text message out of blue, asked me if we can chat on facetime, so I said sure. He said he really want to surprise MK for her birthday is that I fly to see her for the weekend in Memphis and I don't have to pay a dime since he will pay for it. He thought that would be cool for me to spend time with her and I agreed and went excited because this would surprise her out of heck and cheer her up since this would be first time for her to celebrate without her mother there.

There is another surprise: Bobby also tell me to tell Kat aka heartstar20 to come and that he will pay for her tickets too. I called Kat with good news, and she was so super excited. She, too, had go through difficult time with her family emergency situations, and this is good thing for her to get away from her home for the weekend.

Bobby and I keep talking via Facetime to discuss the plans at the late night since we're both working overnight, and when he came home from work, we would be on FT for short time, and sometimes we chatted about other stuff too. The funny part is when MK had to wake up in middle of the night, she would catch him and he blocked the view, and made some lies to tell. MK said "well have fun talking to the mistress." I almost spilled my drink when Bobby told me what MK said. Bobby just want to give her hard time  for fun, but as nights goes by, MK didn't really like the idea of Bobby being so sneaky and with everything going on, MK got mad at Bobby, and Bobby continues to make his lies even worse, so a week before I fly out to Memphis, Bobby told her the truth.

Nooooooooooo....<heart sank>

"Sorry, Becky, I just had to tell her the truth, but remember, she don't know about other two surprises more."

MK did feel bad for ruining our surprise, but she was so so so excited to see me.

Since I'm off on Wednesdays and Thursdays (mind you, thanks to the supervisor, all SRAs still have to do work overnight through the summer time for the first time) I fly on Wed afternoon to Memphis, and I'll fly back with Kat on Sunday afternoon.

Things were going smooth, but then, there was family drama! It's related to what to do-do on MK's birthday June 15th on Saturday...long story haha.

MK and I chatted and stayed up late, and Kat and I texted each other around 10pm-11pm about her flight in that morning, and we were excited.

Suddenly just right before 1AM (keep in mind that means eastern time is 2AM), Bobby keep calling me on FT, and that really put me in awkward because MK sat right there across me, and Bobby is at work, so I figured maybe its about MK's another friend Britney (that was the 3rd surprise) so I covered up and told MK I had to go bathroom. I tried to connected the Facetime, but all failed after like 3rd time.

Bobby: Take MK's iPhone.

I went....uhhh okay.

When I got out of bathroom, MK said Bobby need to talk to me and that he look really mad.

So Facetime finally connected and Bobby told me:

Britney wanted to do double check what time to pick Kat up from airplane since she's on way to Memphis from NC, so I told her the usual time, but I decided to check my another email...and found that Kat's flight from Albany to DCA is cancelled.

"Are you serious?" I asked

He gave me his very serious look.

"FUCK. I just talked to Kat like over an hour ago. I think she's sleeping now. I'll text her now."

Let me talk to MK and tell her the news.

I handed her iPhone back to her and said Bobby want to talk to you.

I watched her reaction and she went like "Wait, so she can't come here now?" with a confused look.

MK had to let Bobby go because he need to go back to work.

"Kat is gonna very devastated. I just talked to her like an hour ago. Sorry another surprise ruined."

"But I'm surprised" MK said.

"Yeah, still not that is how we want to surprise you like that."

So we ended up on making calls to airports like over 2 hours, and MK went into Bobby's another email to find that why airplane was cancelled due to stupid maintenance fix (umm WTF right?) and there were two options: one early for 5:35AM and other after 11AM. I told MK one problem, Kat is asleeping and plan to leave home at 5AM. If leave at 11am, means she will definitely miss her connection from DCA to Memphis. So....We googled for her parents' # phone and found it and we called. Kat's mom answered, and woke Kat up. They decided to take 5:35AM flight but that means they have to leave home right away since it is about 2 hr drive!

MK really feel bad so she decided to surprise Kat with upgrading her ticket to the first class! So funny how Kat's reaction when she found out she's on first class. She thought at first maybe airplane company feel bad for cancelling so put her on first class haha!

All is good though because she made it, with changing time connection too, and arrived early at Memphis.

The third surprise was successful - Britney surprised MK. MK was so obsessed with "who who who" and we told her LET THIS GO! haha. I asked see, all worth for surprise now? She smiled, and said yes.

1 out of 3 surprises...NOT BAD, right? ;-)

Walk for Animals....AGAIN! :)

So I'll be walking for animals again on June 23 @11AM - I'm looking forward to it. The Humane League is thrilled once I told them I'll do it again. (I was second place for earn the most $$$ fundraising in Maryland - around $650!) and this time I hope I'll bring more.

So, you can donate and/or share this link to anyone you know that will be happy to make a difference too. If you do, animals thank you :)


I'll update another entry soon. Hope you all are doing well! <3

Christmas Break

Christmas break was good, way much better than the last Christmas break- no anxiety, or any stress factor. Aaron had a good time too. We spent time with my family and my 16 years old nephew Adam came over too. In case you were wondering, Kathy is still MIA- no snail mails, no phone calls, and no emails from her.

That was just a strange feeling on Christmas morning, know that I saw Uncle Terry alive for the last time last Christmas. I'd still remember all details, what we all were doing, and etc etc, but at the same time, it was just peaceful feeling, know that he is safe, watch over us. His one year death anniversary was on 2nd of Jan. Yes, I still miss him, but more days like this where I think of him, there was none but happy days with him.

On Christmas Eve we all went to see Aunt Carol and Uncle Charlie for lunch, I gave Dad and Aunt Carol their early Christmas gifts:
<3Collapse )

Aunt Carol cried, and Dad loved it. Everyone thought this was really nice gift. When I ordered those from Zazzle company site, at first I thought that would made of wood, but to my much surprise when I opened the box, it was heavy, but look really beautiful. Carol told me before we left, that she will always precious to have it forever.

Aaron, me, & the cats got the good stuff for Christmas! I gave Aaron two books of the walking dead - he was super excited about it, and in return, he gave me a cat necklace:
Click here!Collapse )
I absolutely love love love it.

I got new boots, gloves (with touch iPhone so my hands won't feel cold anymore lol), hat, "the cat who come back for Christmas" book, two books from Jess - "How to tell if your Cat is plotting to kill you" (so funny!) & "a cup of comfort for cat lovers", kitchen stuff, $20 gift card from Willie (that was nice surprise), a set of tray, WAWA gift card, Fairy Tail scroll poster, and I can't think of what else more.

Cats are very spoiled- they got good stuff from Mom & Mama!
What was it??Collapse )
There was a ball hanging out but Bax already destroyed it right away on Christmas day haha

We got the gate for our car so cats won't have to go in our front seats, so far, most of the time it works, but there is a loophole :-P

We saw the movie, "the hobbit", but ugh our glass devices for subtitles is not working due to "blur" and we got the free tickets- we are not sure if we want to see it again or wait until the DVD comes out. Shrugs. See-see.

We also got to see Devin and her boyfriend Mike at Apple Bee's other night, and man, Mike is truly amazing. Amazing. He is respectful, funny, and nice to her, and he continues to do sign (without talk) and continue to eager to learn more. I just know they will be together for long time. I see Devin so much happy in for the first time in a long time.

Gotta go. Have a great weekend, you guys! 

Oops, I did it again.

Sorry, guys I haven't update LJ for a while...been meaning to update, but I lose motive in all of this, so now I'm back.

Let's see: We have a new car- for you guys who haven't seen it yet, here it is: Click here.

We went out on valentine's day to hard times restaurant then unlimited bowling games all night from 9p to 1ish, but we stopped close to midnight. We had so much fun, and sadly, he kicked my butt too many time. Here's pic of us: Click here.

Oh yeah, I have been friends with bittercat via LJ for about 8 years, but never met in person before UNTIL few months ago when I learned she actually live away from my place about 10 minutes! Aaron and I finally meet her and her boyfriend at the mall back in late Jan. She's cool in my book :)

Uh, yes, I did had a job interview at Gaithersburg Animal Hospital few weeks ago. They were nice, and they seem like they really want to make this work with me. I dunno. I am still waiting for their answer. If not, that's okay. At least they gave me a chance to have interview. It is much harder to apply for any position, then not get interview AT ALL. This is really tiresome for me.

I hope you all gonna have a great weekend. :)

and oh, one more picture for you guys to see:

Roxy wanted to give me some kiss. :)

New toy

This is really cool. Thanks to the project endeavor, I decided to purchase an iPad 2 with my remain tax refund that I need to spend anyway. This is my favorite toy :)

Took this pix of Bax this afternoon.

how do you rate this picture of Bax?

ew ugly

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Via Citykitties (emphasis mine):

A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark Park, half dead. He is now at the Cat Doctor with a body temperature of 90 (normal is 102) and blood PCV of 8. The Cat Doctor housecat, Diamond, is currently donating blood to save his life. During the exam, the vet found that this cat has a microchip. When called, his "owners" reported that he was acting sick, so they put him outside. If this makes you as angry as it makes us, please channel your anger in one of two ways: visit our website at www.citykitties.org and make a donation to help us pay for his care, or share this post and encourage others to do so.

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